Become a Trippist

  • Download and register
  • Open, click on green button and your phone will flash green. Put it above your dashboard
  • When you see a Tripper with an orange flashing phone going your way : stop, talk, ride and share expenses !

Become a Tripper

  • Download and register
  • Open, click on orange button and your phone will flash orange. Show it to the passing cars
  • When a green Trippist going your way stops : talk, ride and share expenses !


Going anywhere, anytime, saving time and money, with obvious environmental benefits. Using traffic to reduce it !

Whether you're travelling short, medium or long distances (with sliding scale prices), Tripeez will be your travelling companion from now on. Trippers will be able to make quick, direct trips at really attractive rates (much cheaper than the price of a train ticket), while Trippists will receive some money for each trip to help them pay for the fuel, insurance and taxes on their overpriced car.

  • For friendly users only
  • All users are registered
  • All users are evaluated
  • Users are excluded if they behave badly

A safe, easy, intuitive, fast, secure and free app to facilitate Trippers' journeys and help Trippists share car expenses.

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Join our community and be part of the future of mobility today and tomorrow

Our mission: to make the planet greener, reduce traffic and the number of cars on our roads. We also want to play a social role, because thanks to Tripeez, you'll meet lots of nice people.

  • Just download Tripeez for free
  • Register
  • You are ready to ride and share costs

Whether it's thanks to one, two or three Trippists, you'll arrive at your destination dry and in great shape thanks to Tripeez.

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