Reminder: "TRIPEEZ" is not a taxi application. It is reserved for drivers who are not professional passenger transporters and who wish to share their car expenses, as well as for people wishing to travel from one specific point to another at a lower cost for private journeys.
The main principle behind Tripeez is the traffic flow.

People in demand for a lift using the Tripeez app are referred to as “Trippers”.
Car drivers using the Tripeez app are referred to as “Trippists”.
The journey is referred to as a "Trip".
Application = “app”

Do you have a car and want to accompany Trippers going in the same direction as you?
Are you a Trippist and want to accompany a Trippist going in the same direction as you?
One day you'll be a Trippist and the next you could be a Tripper... or vice versa.
The app allows you to play both roles.

Anyone can sign up to Tripeez. Whether you own a car or not. Whether you want to help other Trippers with their trips or you're looking for friendly Trippists to help you get around.
Tripeez helps Trippers get to their place of work, return home or simply get from one point to another by accompanying Trippists who are heading in the same direction, whether for 3 or 100 km, in the city, the countryside or the suburbs...
From the Trippists' point of view, the idea is not to make any profit, but simply to share the cost of using their car with people going in the same direction as them.
A true sharing of the road, in short. It's green and economical.

You don't even have to go all the way to your destination; you just have to get closer. Once the Trippist and Tripper paths diverge, all you have to do is get out of the car (preferably at a standstill ;-), press the “ARRIVED AT DESTINATION ” button and continue on your way with another Trippist or perhaps finish on foot.
We'll take care of the rest, as described below.

Whether you're a Trippist or a Tripper, you need to register on the Tripeez app.

In a nutshell :
1. Worldwide application, free to download
2. Extremely easy to use
3. No need to plan a journey, just help each other, paid carpooling based on the flow of cars
4. Cost-sharing between Trippists and Trippers
5. Automatic and secure money transfer
6. Ideal complement to public transport to get to the right destination
7. Ideal for short and medium journeys. Decreasing prices for longer journeys.
8. This is in no way a taxi or Uber-type application.
9. It's economical, ecological, practical and social, because you can meet lots of nice people in complete confidence.
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