A revolution in mobility, shared car expenses and the fight against pollution

Bus, tram, train, metro, scooter or bike hire... there's no shortage of ways to get around, yet the most efficient, safest and most comfortable way of riding in all weathers is still by car!
But cars are expensive to buy and to use, they're not environmentally friendly and they cause endless traffic jams...
Tripeez is undoubtedly the solution for getting from one place to another quickly, sharing travel costs, saving time and reducing traffic congestion. Adopt Tripeez : modern, computerised and adapted to our lifestyle, so that every car becomes a means of transport for everyone.

The facts
Except in the morning, when the children have to be taken to school, most cars are occupied by just one person: the driver! Because no, nobody goes to the same exact place at the same exact time, but thousands of people are heading in the same direction at any given time of day or night. The queues on our roads are clear proof of this.
But the solution is right in front of us... let's share the cars in this traffic! Let's make short trips together, in the same direction, from car to car if necessary, to reach our destination.
How does it work?

With your smartphone, of course!
The first step is to download the Tripeez application, which is of course free. Register once and for all, whether you're a passenger (Tripper) or a driver (Trippist), because sooner or later you'll probably have to play one role or the other...
Need to get somewhere ? It's easy, you stand in a place that will allow cars to stop safely and without obstructing other motorists. You open the app, enter your destination (and you'll already know how much the journey will cost) or simply click on "THIS DIRECTION" to go in the direction of the traffic. The screen on your smartphone will turn orange and display your choice. All you have to do is show your phone to passing motorists. Trippists, who have also downloaded the application, will see their smartphone screen turn green; all they have to do is place their smartphone on their dashboard, where it is clearly visible. (You can also print a small card from our website). This means they are ready to pick up a passenger. The motorist (the Trippist) then sees a future passenger (a Tripper) requesting a ride, stops, agrees with the Tripper and off they go. All they have to do is enter the code on the Trippist's telephone and the (mandatory) contact between the 2 users is established. The trip together can begin.
Once they've arrived at their destination, or come close to it, they click on the "ARRIVED AT DESTINATION" button to go their separate ways, and we take care of the rest, because we've already recorded everything. The point of departure, the point of arrival and the number of kilometres in between. All that's left to do is to transfer the amount of money from one virtual wallet to the other. (Stripe, Viva, Paypal, …)

Safety = our priority

Let's talk about the safety of modern hitchhiking. Before, you'd get into a stranger's car, without anyone knowing, with no safety net. We have a number of things planned :
1. All users are registered, so we know the names, addresses and profiles of Trippists and Trippers (although, of course, this information is confidential and will never be divulged except at the request of the legal authorities).
2. The Trippers will assign a rating to the Trippists and vice versa, in order to objectively assess their fellow travellers and make this known.
3. Inappropriate behaviour will be reported and incorrect people will be removed from the platform.

So, whether you're travelling short, medium or long distances, Tripeez will be your travelling companion from now on. Trippers will be able to make fast, direct journeys at really attractive prices (much less than a tram or train ticket). And this money will go into Trippists' accounts, money that will come in very handy to help them pay for fuel, insurance and taxes on their overpriced cars. All we need to do is to make every car a means of transport for everyone.
Tripeez: It's about going anywhere, anytime, saving time, money and with obvious ecological benefits. It's using traffic to reduce it!

In a nutshell :
1. Worldwide application, free to download
2. Extremely easy to use
3. No need to plan journeys in advance, just help each other, paid carpooling based on the flow of cars
4. Cost-sharing between Trippists and Trippers
5. Automatic and secure money transfer
6. Ideal complement to public transport to get to the right destination
7. Ideal for short and medium journeys. (degressive prices for long journeys)
8. Members security: all users are registered, assessed and excluded in the event of inappropriate behaviour
9. This is in no way a taxi or Uber-type application.
10. It's economical, ecological, practical and social, because you can meet lots of nice people in complete confidence.

You might say that these geeks haven't invented anything... perhaps... but in fact they have "reinvented" the hitchhiking of our parents by removing the 2 main obstacles that prevented it from becoming widespread:
1. It was absolutely necessary to make it chargeable because it wasn't "fair play" for the hitchhiker not to contribute to the costs of the motorists who didn't understand why they had to pay for everything while the passenger got off with a "thank you very much".
2. It had to be made safe and no longer fear strangers. The obligation to register all your personal details (Trippers and Trippists) means you can protect yourself against malicious people, eject them from the application and find them in the event of problems.

Get money and save on your car expenses!
Let's say you take a Tripper on board every day for 50 km. At the end of the month, you'll have earned around €240, which works out at €2,880 a year. That's a lot of money without any effort at all, meeting other nice people and, and above all, reducing traffic and pollution.

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