Who are we?

Tripeez was born out of a shared passion for exploration and a desire to make carpooling safer and more accessible for everyone. Our team came together with the goal of transforming carpooling into a secure, convenient, and enjoyable mode of travel.

Our founder, Yves Poletti, is a Belgian, married, 4 children entrepreneur. Paper publishing, digital publishing, hotels, real estate.... In his professional life, he has two great pleasures: coming up with ideas and developing them, and finding simple solutions to complicated problems.

Tripeez was created by a dedicated team of technology experts.

Our mission:

1. To make your life easier, obviously ;-)
Because using Tripeez will enable you to get from one point to another easily and quickly, simply thanks to the flow of traffic going in the same direction as you. Let’s use traffic to reduce it.

2. Saving you time and money
Thanks to Tripeez, Trippers will save money and Trippists will finally be able to share their car expenses by making the seats in their cars available without having to plan ahead.

3. Helping you to go green
If a large proportion of people who own a car use it less because they know that by becoming Trippers they'll get to the same place without using petrol or wearing out their tyres or engine... that will put tonnes less CO2 into the atmosphere.

4. Help you meet other people
Riding together means meeting new people and maybe even making friends... Who knows? But what's important is that you do so in complete confidence, thanks to our app, which will register each member and ensure that they behave with civility and kindness. New friends in a better world ;-)

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